Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Patrick Dal Cin is an up and coming music artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and audio production professional.  In his music, he blends a love of cinematic soundscapes with indie rock hooks, nodding influences to Steven Wilson, Rush, Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead and Minus the Bear.  He is currently songwriting, producing and playing bass guitar with a new, unnamed group and London-based rock group Five Oceans.  Splitting time with his music career, he also works in the Canadian film industry as an accomplished boom operator.

From an early age, Pat has been surrounded by music through his family of music teachers.  Initially a violinist and then a drummer, he found his prime tool of musical expression through the bass guitar.  After many years of performing in the Soo with indie rock group, The Tenagens, he pursued a degree in Popular Music and Film at Western University.  Pat developed and refined his playing and recording skills in the Western and London music communities.  He quickly became known for his technical proficiency and creative musical instincts, landing him many session gigs with top local musicians.  Since then, he has played across Ontario, sharing the stage with notable acts such as The Arkells, Mother Mother, Hollerado, and The Born Ruffians.

With a diverse mix of influences and experience, all aspects of Pat's songwriting, producing, and performing share a common theme of pushing musical boundaries.  He adamantly believes "music should make you feel something real" and that  "every artist should strive to have their own voice of expression, no matter how much 'everything's already been done'." 

Across his music career so far, Pat has won numerous music contests, played with record label signed acts, produced an iTunes charting EP, performed on many recordings, toured across Ontario and played many highly attended shows such as Festival D'Été de Québec and Trackside Music Festival.  In his film career, Pat has worked in the sound department on many feature films that have made international debuts at prominent festivals such as Cannes, TIFF and Fantastic Fest.

Pat is currently writing material with a new, unnamed project for future release.  He is looking to expand his music and film network and is accepting inquiries for creative projects.   Please visit the Contact/Rates page for details on how to work with Pat for your specific project needs.



Patrick Dal Cin

Photo by Chelsea Brimstin Photography

Patrick Dal Cin

Photo by  A&B Co.